October 2017 saw another craft brewery open its doors in Tottenham, North London. Relocating from its arch in Hackney Central, Pressure Drop Brewing joined Beavertown Brewery in the Lockwood Industrial Estate, giving drinkers an even more convincing reason to be flocking north of the city.

The Pressure Drop story began in a garden shed in Stoke Newington. Founded by three friends, Graham Patrick O’Brien, Benjamin Jack Freeman and Sam Smith, and brewing since the summer of 2012 on a 50 litre pilot kit, they swiftly upscaled operations in 2013 to a brewhouse in Hackney Central. Their mission was always to create modern interpretations of beers to capture the imagination of drinkers. The success of their Pale Fire, an easy-drinking beer that showcases different hop pairings, demonstrates their talent for solid, accessible offerings.

When announcing their move to Tottenham Hale, beer drinkers rejoiced – it marked both a momentous step for the brewery and some relief to the increasing strain on the Beavertown taproom, which is situated just a moment’s walk away. The two breweries were quick to join forces to enhance the Saturday afternoon taproom experience for all; visitors were encouraged to amble between the two and glass deposits were waived when glasses were exchanged at the other site.

Despite the increasing number of visitors and buzz surrounding the new Pressure Drop space, it offers a refuge from the spiralling queues and heaving masses at Beavertown. Just across the lot, Pressure Drop is chilled, highly ambient and offers a reasonable chance of actually getting a seat. There’s have ample space and a functional set up, where the shiny new 20bbl brewery backdrop is illuminated by colouful stringed lights.

The vast, open space is furnished with wooden tables and benches, a takeaway bottle stand and, when we visited, a vendor boasting selection of sausage rolls. It’s pleasant and a world away from drinking shoulder-to-shoulder beneath cramped arches. The freshest Pressure Drop beers appear on tap, directly from their new cold-store, and they have first dibs on specials.

Both Beavertown and Pressure Drop offer great background soundtracks– yes, the music is generally on point at both sites –and environs for a Saturday afternoon brewery crawl, but you can see why drinkers have taken to migrating between locations; when Beavertown’s queues become unwieldy, popping over to Pressure Drop for a breather is only sensible.

Of course, it won’t always be this way, as the latter was inevitably become a destination in its own right. But take advantage of soaking in the calm surroundings before the summer rush descends upon this corner of Tottenham, especially as they have plans for a beer garden to make an appearance in the spring.

Until then, you can visit the Pressure Drop taproom from 2pm until 8pm every Saturday.

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